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Alienware M11x warranty coverage extended to all, even those no longer covered

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Alienware‘s M11x gaming laptop/netbook/ultraportable/hard to say what to call it is a pretty powerful device. For around $700 you get a notebook with an 11-inch screen that delivers 6-8 hours of battery life and still plays stuff like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The only catch is that early models of the notebook came with faulty hinges, an issue Dell is now stepping up to address and do right by its customers on.

The company has officially offered to foot the bill on all repair work related to M11x notebooks with faulty hinges. These earlier models are, specifically the R1 and R2 M11x; the issue was corrected with R3, so the extended warranty doesn’t apply. Those with an R1 or R2 that has faulty hinges can contact Dell support directly (instructions are at the source link) to get the process started, regardless of whether or not the computer is still under warranty.

The M11x manages to offer both the battery life of a netbook and the graphical horsepower of a gaming laptop thanks to its unique Binary Graphics setup. Basically, there are two graphics chips inside this sucker: your basic, motherboard-integrated chip that comes with any old laptop and a beefier GeForce mobile chip. You switch between power-save and gameplay-friend modes by pressing a certain button combination. It’s a pretty neat thing.

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