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New AMD Radeon drivers add support for Windows 10 Creators update

amd vega naples q2 2017 radeon rx 480
AMD’s latest Radeon driver release, designated Crimson ReLive Edition 17.4.2, doesn’t have the longest list of additions, but it does have one key one: initial support for Windows 10 Creators update. Along with that are a few bug fixes which will be a real boon for those previously impacted by them, but it’s the Windows 10 update support which is the keystone of this release.

It was only a week ago that AMD released its last driver update for its Radeon graphics processors (GPU), but with Microsoft’s Creators Update for Windows 10 now out in the wild, adding official support is important. The firm doesn’t go into detail about what changes that entails, but anyone running an AMD GPU and the new Windows update is encouraged to install it.

In greater detail, however, are the bug fixes for this release. AMD claims to have fixed issues with SteamVR asynchronous reprojection and a bug in Battlefield 1 with multi-GPU scaling.

We’re also told that Radeon ReLive should no longer cause flickering when recording with an extended display on a Windows 7 configured system, and application profiles in Radeon Settings should now always remain even after a system reboot.

AMD even fixed a problem with a Windows security pop-up appearing when some hybrid graphics configurations were used.

That’s not to say that this release doesn’t have any issues of its own. AMD has acknowledged that there are a few ongoing problems which it’s still working on. Among other bugs, Radeon WattMan still fails to apply settings on R9 390 GPUs, and AMD Freesync is still causing some flickering in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and World of Warcraft (thanks Guru3D).

With support for everything from the HD 7000 series, right through to the latest RX 400 series graphics cards, you can download the new Radeon Crimson ReLive 17.4.2 drivers straight from AMD’s website.

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