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AMD’s new Gaming Evolved can automatically edit your gameplay clips into a highlight reel

amd gaming evolved new video editing cpu heatsink
With the new Gaming Evolved platform, AMD is making gameplay recording easier by initiating the client automatically as you play. Instead of having to remember to enable recording every time you play a game, the software automatically detects that you’re playing and records on its own.

Another feature being advertised is automatic deletion of older videos to save on storage. It’s not clear if the videos are only deleted when you’re about to run out of storage, or if there’s an undisclosed limit to the number of videos you can keep before the software decides to start killing them off.

Additional features include the ability to add bookmarks using a personally assigned hotkey, a built-in video editor, the simple creation of highlight reels done by selecting multiple clips, and the ability to record mouse clicks, as well as webcam and mic support.

“At AMD, we believe that every gamer will eventually be sharing video of their plays, whether recorded or livestreamed,” boasts AMD’s Corporate VP of Alliances, Technology, and VR Roy Taylor. “The AMD Gaming Evolved client enables video capture with virtually no impact on system performance, and we’re excited to give gamers the tools to make sharing their best plays a seamless and fun experience.”

Unfortunately, as of right now, AMD’s Gaming Evolved software only looks to be compatible with League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, though the company promises more titles are on the way.

And, according to the press release we were sent earlier today, the Gaming Evolved client makes use of “live match data” to automatically produce highlights of any important moments, such as kills, deaths, or killstreaks you might encounter throughout any particular session.

After the editing process, videos can then be shared to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Raptr’s

If you already have Gaming Evolved installed on your computer, you can update it by restarting and opening it. Otherwise, if you’re using it for the first time, you can download the latest version of Gaming Evolved for yourself here.

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