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Mac Mini and MacBook Air 2018 hit Apple refurbished store in U.S.

Macbook Air (2018) Review
Riley Young/Digital Trends

Within days of making their debut as refurbished devices in Europe, Apple’s 2018 model MacBook Air and Mac Mini systems are available for several hundred dollars off in the refurbished bin on Apple’s U.S. store. While the savings vary depending on the model in question, you can find high-end and low-end configurations of both devices alongside refurbished resales of other MacBook and iMac systems.

Apple debuted the refresh of both the MacBook Air and Mac Mini at its October 2018 event, showing off their new hardware and design choices. We liked both of them a lot, though the Mac Mini particularly impressed us with its array of high-end hardware in a compact and quiet package. Both devices have been available direct from Apple in new condition for several months, and appeared on the company’s EU store in a refurbished state in early February. Now the U.S. has followed suit with a number of models now available for purchase at a discount.

At the time of writing there are two Mac Mini’s available for purchase on the refurbished aisle of Apple’s digital store. There’s an entry-level Core i3 model with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, priced at $679, representing a saving of just over $130 from the brand-new model. There’s also a high-end configuration with a six-core Core i5 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage priced at $929 down from $1,100.

The MacBook Air can be found priced between $1,019 and $2,209 depending on your choice of configuration. As MacRumors highlights though, those deals aren’t quite so attractive, as there are brand-new versions of the MacBook Air sold at some retailers which aren’t much more expensive.

If you do decide to pick up one of Apple’s refurbished products, whether one of the new ones or something else, Apple pledges to ship the device out to you within a week. Stock of these items is very much on a first come, first served basis, so if you do like the sound of these deals, make sure to get in there fast and confirm you’re looking at exactly the model you’re interested in.

If you want a little help picking the right configuration for you, check out our guide to the best MacBooks you can buy today.

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