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It’s too late for an October event, but new MacBook Pros could still launch soon

With only a few weeks until Christmas, it seems a dead cert that Apple’s long-rumored October event will be a total no show. Apple usually sends out event invitations 10 to 14 days before a show kicks off, and with just a week until November, there’s simply not enough time. No, I’m not crying, I just have something in my eye.

An Apple event has been unofficially penciled in for this October for some time now. The main thrust of that argument was that rumors of a 16-inch MacBook Pro just would not die. Alongside those rumors were whispers that this could be a completely redesigned and rethought MacBook Pro, and such a paradigm shift in Apple’s product line-up would necessitate a big flashy event to show it off. Reports as early as this week have still pointed toward a late October release.

15-inch MacBook Pro vs. 16-inch MacBook Pro MacGeneration

After all, this device will apparently possess far thinner bezels than the current MacBook Pro design, beefier processors, a high-quality display and perhaps even a brand-new keyboard switch to replace the fault-prone butterfly design. A MacBook Pro redesign like this would surely get its own event, rather than a mere press release — or so the thinking went.

As well as that, there are other products that Apple supposedly has up its sleeve that are rumored to make an appearance this year. Primary among these are AirPods Pro, a top-shelf version of the mega popular AirPods. According to a report from China Economic Daily, these will come with noise-cancelling tech and a $260 asking price.

But that’s not all — we didn’t see the iPad Pro at Apple’s September event, and it seems strange for Apple to forgo updating it when the regular iPad got a sizable upgrade earlier in 2019. The company is allegedly also working on over-ear StudioPods headphones, as well as a Tile competitor to help keep track of your lost kit.

If that all sounds like a lot, well, it is. There is a ton of new products that Apple has been heavily linked with, and the company frequently hosts October events for those devices it just doesn’t have time for at its September showstopper. Yet with October nearly over and the holiday season fast approaching, it looks like we’ll have to wait for our next dose of Apple keynote wizardry.

Of course, Apple may launch some of these products with simple press releases and nothing more, but it usually takes this approach for minor specs bumps and the like. Brand new devices such as AirPods Pro, the 16-inch MacBook Pro, and a Tile competitor will surely get their own event. The aforementioned China Economic Daily report suggest this will happen in early 2020 — we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

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