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Apple requests OS X Lion app submissions from developers

lionThe roar of Apple’s Lion is growing ever louder as the Cupertino company emailed developers on Monday, asking them to submit their Mac OS X 10.7 Lion apps for the Mac App Store.

The email, shown on the MacRumors website, reads: “OS X Lion, the eighth major release of the world’s most advanced operating system, will soon be available to millions of Mac users around the world. Submit your Lion apps for review now so they can be on the Mac App Store when Lion ships this month.”

The big question is, when exactly is OS X Lion going to be available? It’s thought it could be as early as Thursday, with Apple stores believed to be holding an overnight meeting of staff Wednesday evening, usually a pretty good indicator that something significant is about to take place in the Applesphere.

As MacRumors points out, however, with the email only going out on Monday, Thursday does seem a little soon when you consider that the apps need to be reviewed and approved before they can appear in the App Store. And the email does say “this month” as opposed to “this week,” though that, of course, could be a little Cupertino tease to keep everyone guessing.

What we do know about the new operating system is that it’ll be available only as a download through the Mac App Store, sports around 250 new features and has a reasonable-sounding $29.99 price tag.

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