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Apple extends replacement program for MacBook Pros affected by ‘Staingate’

apple staingate macbook pro replacement program extended 2013
In October, Apple confirmed that MacBook Pro laptops from 2012 that were affected by “Staingate” were no longer eligible for a free replacement. Now, it’s being reported that the company plans to extend the program for hardware purchased in subsequent years.

Staingate saw the anti-reflective coating on certain MacBook Pro computers begin to peel away from the display or otherwise degrade over time. Customers complained in droves and, eventually, Apple was forced to implement a large-scale replacement program in order to appease the masses.

All kinds of factors can contribute to the damage, ranging from pressure applied on the screen by the touchpad and keyboard while the laptop is closed, to the effect of users cleaning the display without adhering to Apple’s guidelines. Since it’s a manufacturing issue, rather than pure user error, MacBook Pro owners have a window where they’re entitled to a hardware replacement.

The company has now informed authorized service providers that coverage will be offered for four years after the initial purchase of the laptop, according to a report from Mac Rumors. This puts the 2012 models out of warranty, as both the 13-inch and 15-inch models were discontinued by October 2013.

The 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops that launched in 2013 will be eligible until July 2018. The 13-inch model from 2014 will be eligible until March 2019, while its 15-inch cousin is entitled to a replacement until May 2019. The 13-inch laptop released in 2015 is good through October 2020, and the 15-inch version is still being sold, so there’s no cut-off date at this time.

The program has already been extended twice since it first got underway in October 2015. However, it’s never actually been officially announced and it’s not well-publicized by Apple, but it is possible to procure a replacement laptop if you’re willing to have your MacBook Pro inspected in-store, or if you send it to the company via mail.

That said, time is running own for owners who have been in possession of their hardware for a few years. If your display is starting to show some signs of damage, it is perhaps time to address the situation.

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