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Apple spends $1.5 million on the giant display it's putting in new Apple stores

Though you might expect the budget for redoing the interior of your average Apple store to be quite expansive, you might not imagine more than a million dollars would be spent on a single screen. That’s exactly what Apple chief design officer, Jonathan Ive did, when redesigning the interior of the Apple storefront.

Not every Apple store has one of these in it just yet, of course, but the first one was put in place in the Brussels Store around six months ago, with more showing up elsewhere since. It stands to reason that one day, almost every Apple store may feature one of the monstrous displays.

Specifications on what Apple actually gets for its rumored $1.5 million per investment aren’t available, though we do know that each one stretches a whopping 37 feet from corner to corner. They dominate the rear wall in the new store-fronts that feature them, which suggests a similar design will be used in all future versions of Apple’s outlets.

Judging by the pictures, the display doesn’t have much of a bezel; there’s only a hint at the base. It almost looks more like a canvas than a TV.

Elsewhere in the Apple store redesign, there’s a return to classic styling with the introduction of bare wood for product displays around the edge of the shop, as well as at the more traditional desks throughout its main floor. There’s also a high-raised ceiling, with discrete spotlights that highlight certain products and displays.

There’s even motion activated power outlets that rotate into view on the desks, giving a flush look when no one is around, but all the functionality required when someone steps up.

Every product range is said to be featured within the new outlets, including Apple’s companion Beats headphones, with a try-out area where shoppers can get a feel for how they sound. Other products include speakers, docks and all of the usual smartphones, notebooks, and tablet offerings (as per AppleInsider).

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