Stick PC prices continue to plummet as Archos reveals new $99 system

archos joins the stick pc party with its own bite sized system archospcstick

There was a time not long ago when hooking a computer to a television was a painful process that required users to attach something quite large to their display. Those days are gone, as the stick PC market keeps growing, and now Archos is jumping into the mix with the announcement of the Archos PC Stick. Most impressive is the fact that this one sells for under $100.

As far as specs go, the Archos PC stick is packing 2GB RAM, a quad-core Intel Atom Z3735F processor sporting 1.33 GHz of processing power, and Intel HD graphics. It also comes with 32GB of flash memory for storing files. Obviously, the specs don’t rival those of a more traditional PC, but it’s comparable to other stick PCs that have been announced. For users who need more than 32GB of storage, there’s a Micro SD port that will give users the space they need.

Connectivity includes a USB port, Wi-Fi, RF, and Bluetooth 4.0. There’s also HDMI attached to the stick for the connecting the mini PC to a display. No input devices are included in the box, but it will support USB or Bluetooth mice and keyboards, as well as a number of smartphone and tablet apps that can control PCs.

Archos plans to ship its PC Stick with Windows 10, which it will have optimized for mobile performance out of the box.

Size-wise, the Archos Stick PC is 4.45 inches long, 1.48 inches wide, and 0.55 inches deep. It weighs in at a mere 2.12 ounces, so it’s definitely light enough to be portable.

Archos announced a final price of $99 for its entrant in the stick PC market, but it didn’t announce a release date for it. Presumably, it should release soon, as the final design and specs are locked down. With how competitive this market is, it would make sense to get it released as quickly as possible.