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This new PC watercooler covers both your CPU and SSD

TeamGroup has just launched a new PC water cooler. That might not be that interesting, you’re probably telling yourself. But with the new Sired Duo360, there’s an interesting wrinkle: This device cools both your CPU and your M.2 SSD at the same time.

It’s the first water cooler to do such a thing. Most of the best PC watercoolers stick to the CPU alone or add the graphics card into the mix. This is a different kettle of fish.

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The TeamGroup SIREN DUO360 watercooler shown inside a PC case with the cooler's RGB lighting enabled.

The Siren Duo360 comprises a 4000RPM pump and a 360mm radiator. For the CPU, there’s a 120mm ARGB hydraulic bearing fan that’s compatible with Intel LGA 1700 and AMD AM5 CPU sockets. The storage cooler works with 2280 M.2 SSDs.

But why bother cooling the SSD in the first place? Unlike processors and graphics cards, SSD storage drives aren’t known for their enormous heat generation. But that seems to be changing with the introduction of PCIe 5 drives, which this watercooler is specifically designed for.

PCIe 5 SSDs are capable of much greater speeds than their predecessors, doubling the memory bandwidth up to 128GBps. All that extra zip means much more heat gets generated, which could result in the drive throttling if the temperature is not properly handled.

TeamGroup says the Siren Duo360 can do just that, though. The company gave the example of a PCIe 5 SSD running at 12,000Mb/s transfer speeds and claimed its cooler could reduce its “over 100 degrees C operating temperatures” by 50%.

Who is this for?

The TeamGroup SIREN DUO360 watercooler shown in a product shot against a white background.

Of course, this being a gaming device, the Siren DUuo360 is as much about RGB lighting as it is about keeping your components cool. Not only are the fans, CPU block, and SSD block all bedecked in eerie translucent lights, but the SSD cooler element can be removed and attached to any magnetic surface inside your PC case.

Aside from the sheer novelty of this cooler, though, there is the question of who the Siren Duo360 is actually for. The first PCIe5 SSDs are due to launch this November, but with such incredible speeds on offer, you’ll likely have to pay through the nose to get one. That itself might limit the appeal of TeamGroup’s snazzy new cooler.

And there’s another issue. TeamGroup has not explained how many M.2 SSDs can fit inside the storage unit, but given the company has to fit a complete watercooler inside that unit, we wouldn’t be surprised if it can only hold one drive at a time. M.2 drives are designed to be small and lightweight, a fact that the chunky cooling box makes completely irrelevant. It might also struggle to fit inside smaller cases, ruling out anyone who likes to use small form factor PCs.

Still, it’s certainly an eye-catching product, and might be worth considering if you’re not fazed by those drawbacks and need something to keep your future PCIe 5 SSD as cool as can be. If that sounds good, the TeamGroup Siren Duo360 is set to launch this November for a recommended price of $400.

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