ASUS M6000N Entertainment Laptop Review

Quote from the review at The Hardware Zone:

“To further extend the Digital Entertainment Gateway’s feature list, the M6000N features the ability for you to play your Audio CD without the need to boot into the operating system. At the flick of the CD Switch (circled in red above), the audio circuitry and the DVD-Drive will be initialized. From here, all you need to do is to insert your music CD, close the drive and your digital album will come to life through the onboard speakers or your headphones should you so desirably choose. Track controls are made via the ‘AudioDJ’ controls beside the earphone jack, a nice touch but would have been better if they were larger. The real pity here to the otherwise well implemented ‘AudioDJ’ is the lack of a straightforward volume control dial. Instead, you’re given two methods to control the volume. The first is to press and hold the Forward Track key (increase volume) and Back Track key (decrease volume). The second method requires you to flip up the LCD panel to perform volume adjustment. This is done through a key combination of ‘FN’ key with F10 (mute), F11 (decrease volume) and F12 (increase volume). Unfortunately, the result of the unusual implementation of the first volume control method would translate to an absence of the fast-forwarding/back-tracking controls. Without these common and much needed feature, listening to Audio CDs would be inconvenient especially if you’re into classical music (that normally contain unusually lengthy tracks). “

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