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Asus’ latest ROG gaming monitor boasts impressive 180Hz refresh rate

asus rog swift pg248q
Asus has detailed a new monitor that’s set to release under its gamer-centric Republic of Gamers brand. The ROG Swift PG248Q might look like a standard display at first glance, but it’s packing one particular feature that might recommend it to consumers who like to tinker with their hardware to ensure the best results.

While the 24-inch monitor runs at 144Hz by default, software settings allow users to increase that to 180Hz. Running at a higher refresh rate means that the display can deliver smoother, more fluid visuals — which is particularly useful for anyone playing the latest video game releases.

However, the PG248Q does require an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card or better to reap the benefits of this utility. This could be an indication that the monitor will boast support for the DisplayPort 1.3 standard, according to an article from the Tech Report.

DisplayPort and HDMI inputs are both present, although the former option needs to be used if Nvidia’s G-Sync technology is in use.

The fact that the display uses a TN panel might dissuade some users that are looking for pristine color accuracy, but the improved response times that it receives as a result will please gamers. Indeed, it seems that Asus will be aggressively marketing this monitor to that audience across a series of eSports events.

The PG248Q was made the official display for ESL One Cologne, a major Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament that took place earlier this month. The hardware is also set to be part of the stage set-up for The International when it emanates from Seattle in August.

Asus has stated that the ROG Swift PG248Q will be available for purchase before the end of July 2016. However, there is no pricing information available as of the time of writing.

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