BitTorrent’s Project Chrysalis adds personal channels

Peer-to-peer networking pioneer BitTorrent has unveiled Project Chrysalis, a new beta BitTorrent client that adds personal content channels and social features so users can share large files with friends and family via the Internet and comment on them in real time amongst themselves. Users just create a personal channel of their own, invite their friends to it, and then use BitTorrent’s distributed networking technology to deliver the content to channel members. The channels create a “mini social network” associated with an event, interest, or other subject, and users can have as many channels as they like.

BitTorrent Project Chrysalis beta

“Until recently, most of your personal files were small enough to email or post to social networks,” said BitTorrent CEO Eric Klinker, in a statement. “Now, it’s really easy to shoot HD video with your smartphone or snap high-res photos from a digital SLR. What happens to these giant files? They sit orphaned on your computer, or over-edited to make them small enough to share. BitTorrent removes the size barrier and makes it simple for you to openly share your creations.”

Project Chrysalis automatically creates a channel when users select a file to share, and users can then send invitations to the channel via social networking services, email, or other media. Once an invitee joins the channel, they can download and comment on any files posted to the channel. And, the more friends users add to a channel, the faster the files will be downloaded, thanks to BitTorrent’s distributed protocol. Once folks are in a channel, they can invite others to join, although the channel originator can remove people from the channel at any time. Users can delete their content from channels any time they like, but right now channels themselves can’t be deleted.

Project Chrysalis is currently in beta for Windows only and is compatible with Internet Explorer 8. During the beta channels are free and there are no size limits.

BitTorrent envisions Project Chrysalis will eventually replace the company’s current BitTorrent Mainline application, and moves towards simplifying the BitTorrent interface along with building an “ecosystem of software, devices, and content” that enhance users’ digital lifestyles. Eventually, Project Chrysalis will feature an App Studio featuring artist-endorsed spotlights on music and movies.

BitTorrent Project Chrysalis sample channel