You can now use your MacBook Pro's Touch Bar to browse with Chrome 60

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Google Chrome 60 dropped today, bringing a fresh new version of the world’s most popular browser to millions of users. For most people, Chrome 60 won’t offer much in the way of visible changes, but MacOS users will find a particularly nice new feature in official Touch Bar support that will make that newer MacBook Pro a bit easier to use.

The new Touch Bar support was spotted by 9to5Mac, and Chrome 60 brings the functionality to the browser’s stable channel after a few months of being available to developers and beta users. For the most part, Touch Bar works with Chrome as it has during the preview period, with the main differences being a Google Logo added to the Omnibox for entering URLs and searches along with a new tab shortcut and bookmark feature.

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If you’re a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar user and would like to check out the new Touch Bar support, first go to Chrome settings via the dot menu, selecting Help, and the About Google Chrome. Your update might already be waiting for you there, and if so, you’ll need to relaunch Chrome to run the newest version.

You can also make the Touch Bar work in the most productive way for you by selecting View > Customize Touch Bar in the menu bar. There, you can alter the layout at your pleasure, as well as customize buttons and disable typing suggestions if desired.

In addition to Touch Bar support for MacOS users, Chrome 60 brings the usual security fixes — 40 of them in fact. You can check out all of the security updates at the Chrome Security Page. The Payment Request API is now supported on the desktop for auto-filled checkout forms. Most of the other changes are behind-the-scenes updates to make things easier for developers.

If you’re a Chrome user, then you’ll want to get your machine updated as soon as possible. While you won’t find nearly as many visual changes as Chrome 59’s introduction of the new Material design in the browser’s settings, you will benefit from a browser that’s more secure and provides more features for developers to leverage in enhancing your browsing experience.