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Chrome’s picture-in-picture mode for videos is expected to arrive next month

Google is testing a new browser feature that will make it easier for Chrome users to multitask and watch web videos at the same time by allowing video content to play in a pop-out window on your desktop. While it was currently possible to activate picture-in-picture mode for videos in a Google beta build for Chrome, the feature is expected to arrive for all users with the release of Chrome 69. Picture-in-picture mode is expected to arrive on September 4, according to HTNovo.

“With the latest update that brought Chrome 69 to the Official Build 69.0.3497.57, the picture-in-picture mode for playing videos has been moved to the default state,” a Google translation of HTNovo’s report reads. “This means that even on stable Chrome it will be possible to view videos being played in a corner of the desktop, navigating between different pages from the original one, without having to act in advance in any setting (regular or experimental).”

The picture-in-picture mode will be based on a W3C API, according to gHacks. At this time, if you use Google’s more experimental Chrome-based browser called Canary, you can currently enable this new mode. Picture-in-picture is expected with the release of Chrome 69 Stable.

Image credit: gHacks.

Chrome users will be able to activate picture-in-picture mode by double-clicking directly inside the video and choosing picture-in-picture from the contextual menu. After that’s done, the video will appear in a pop-out window, and users can move and re-size the video frame. The video window will act independently of the main browser window.

“The new picture-in-picture API works on the majority of sites by default; website publishers may utilize it to customize the picture-in-picture experience on their sites; it is possible to change the size of the picture-in-picture interface, customize controls, add restrictions, or use it to gather statistical data,” gHacks reported.

The video window will also have the regular media keys for play, pause, and close, and should work in a similar way to how the YouTube app handles picture-in-picture on modern Android phones.

The Chrome 69 update is expected to be a big update for Google. Some recently reported features from this build include the ability to integrate Chrome notifications in Windows 10’s Action Center and a refreshed look with an updated Material Design language.

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