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Corsair’s new memory kit built for Asus ROG motherboards boasts blazing clock speed

corsair asus rog dominator platinum edition
PC memory manufacturer Corsair released on Tuesday the Dominator Platinum ROG Edition DDR4 memory kit designed specifically for motherboards under the Republic of Gamers brand from Asus. The kit comes packed with four 4GB DDR4 sticks, with the trademark ROG red-and-black brushed aluminum finish, which should blend in nicely with the ROG motherboard family.

According to Corsair, this kit arrives with a custom ROG XMP 2.0 profile that can only be accessed by an Intel-based Asus ROG Z170 motherboard, unlocking a crazy clock speed of 3,333MHz. This kit supports XMP 2.0, which automatically chooses the best, most reliable overclocking settings so that users can get maximum performance along with maximum stability.

There are actually eight Asus ROG motherboards that can support the exclusive ROG XMP 2.0 profile. they are the ROG Maximum VIII Formula, the Maximum VIII Hero, the ROG Maximum VIII Extreme/Assembly, the ROG Maximum VIII Hero Alpha, the Maximum VIII Impact, the Maximum VIII Extreme, the Maximum VIII Ranger, and the Maximus VIII Gene.

“Working closely with the Asus ROG team has allowed Corsair to push the performance levels of the Dominator Platinum ROG Edition even higher” said Chun Ye, product manager for memory at Corsair. “Now, Asus ROG Motherboard users have the option of a premium memory kit that not only matches their motherboard in terms of looks and design, but also performs even faster with just a single BIOS setting, thanks to the custom ROG XMP 2.0 profile.”

Optimized for motherboards based on the Intel 100 series chipset, the new kit promises maximum bandwidth and a tight response time. The sticks feature a ten-layer printed circuit board and patented DHX cooling technology, the latter of which disperses heat optimally so that system builders have the best overclocking experience possible.

The technical details of the new memory kit show that the 288-pin sticks have a base clock of 3,200MHz, a tested latency of 16-18-18-36, and a voltage of 1.35v. The heat spreaders are made out of aluminum, keeping the chips cool, but Corsair also offers the Dominator Airflow Platinum LED-lit fan to keep them really chilled. It works with the company’s Corsair Link controller that can be accessed from the Windows desktop.

As for the special ROG profile, the chip will run at the previously mentioned 3,333MHz clock speed. The tested latency is 16-18-18-36 and the voltage is 1.35v. Corsair says this profile is compatible with Asus ROG Z170 motherboards, and that the chips are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Corsair launched its Dominator Platinum memory in 2012. It was billed as the world’s most advanced performance memory. Kits range from $75 to a whopping $1,495 in price, the most expensive of which is a kit consisting of eight 8GB DDR4 sticks clocked at 2,800MHz, providing 64GB of memory for a single desktop. That’s definitely enough to run several copies of the just-lauched Doom reboot simultaneously on one machine — if that’s even possible.

Corsair’s new Dominator Platinum ROG Edition kit only comes as a four-stick package totaling 16GB and costing $190. The kit can be purchased worldwide now at Corsair retailers and distributors, and through the company’s website right here.

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