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Cryorig’s innovative PC case, the Taku, seeks crowdfunding on Kickstarter

cryorig taku
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PC cooling specialist Cryorig has taken to Kickstarter to crowdfund its Taku ITX chassis. The product has been shown publicly before, notably at last year’s Computex event, but it wasn’t previously known that the company intended to bankroll the project in this unusual manner.

The Cryorig Taku is a PC case with an atypical design that allows it to double as a monitor stand. Its minimalist design is a sharp contrast to the bells and whistles of many cases aimed at gamers, and its more utilitarian qualities will recommend the chassis to users who like to tinker with their setup on a regular basis.

The front face of the chassis pulls out like a drawer, revealing the ITX motherboard and whatever other components have been installed by the user. While the focus on ITX motherboards might suggest that this product is intended for compact, low-spec systems, Cryorig maintains that it is fully capable of housing a gaming rig.

Inside the drawer, there is space for a dual-slot (40mm) GPU up to 280mm long, CPU fans that are as tall as 48mm, two 2.5-inch SSDs, one 3.5-inch HDD, memory modules up to a height of 52mm, and an SFX power supply, according to a report from Hexus. A 92mm system fan comes installed as standard.

Cryorig has apparently been developing the Taku for two years, with Lian Li — the Taiwanese company that will manufacture the finished product — which came on board for the last six months to collaborate on its design.

The crowdfunding campaign is looking to raise $100,000 to cover the costs of manufacturing, and the standard Taku chassis costs $299, with a limited number of units available at the early bird rate of $250. If more than 1,000 units are sold, Cryorig plans to reward every backer with a free C7 ITX PC cooler, which retails for $30.

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