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This unusual PC case will breathe to keep your desktop cool

At CES 2022, PC retailer CyberPowerPC revealed one of the most innovative PC cases we’ve ever seen, the Kinetic Series Chassis, which improves and controls airflow via a unique design.

This year’s CES has ushered in an exciting era of technology with a range of distinctive products, but have you ever seen a PC case that can essentially breathe?

CyberPowerPC revealed its Kinetic Series Chassis at CES 2022.

CyberPowerPC’s Kinetic Series Chassis integrates 18 individually controlled vents onto the PC case that open and close in turn. Once the temperature within the PC reaches a warm enough level, the vents will automatically open in order for the case to receive more airflow. When the internal temperature decreases, these vents will close, thus reducing not just airflow, but noise and dust as well.

The adjustments this desktop chassis makes extend beyond a basic opening and closing system. The vents react in real time to every single degree of temperature change. As a result of being sensitive to the environment, the case is “constantly contracting and expanding to adapt to the situation with micro-adjustments.”

As PCWorld notes, the system will check the temperature every five seconds and adjust the vents appropriately. The case itself is capable of integrating a 360mm radiator, full ATX motherboards, and up to seven 120mm fans or five 140mm fans. Most extended-length graphics cards will also be able to fit in the case.

The aesthetically pleasing design of the case was inspired by Kinetic architecture, which is a concept “through which buildings are designed to allow parts of the structure to move, not just for design’s sake, but with purpose.” This has culminated in a case that delivers “intelligent airflow,” as opposed to maximum airflow.

The Kinetic Series Chassis is expected to be available during the third quarter of 2022, with a price point of around $250. It will be available in both black and white. You’ll be able to buy the PC case from CyberPowerPC’s website, as well as from the company’s network of authorized retailers and distributors.

That said, the chassis will initially be available as a pre-built PC system instead of a standalone product. “Initially it will be complete systems, and later with the standalone case itself for about $250,” CyberPowerPC confirmed to PCMag.

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