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Exclusive Discount: Get 25% off Dashlane password manager with this promo code

This post was done in partnership with Dashlane.

Seemingly everything online requires you to sign up to an account or use a password to log in. It’s important to use a unique password for every website so that you remain secure, rather than stick with an easy to remember but easy to guess option. If there’s a data breach, your password can be exposed to nefarious sources even though you didn’t do anything wrong. Such data breaches can affect major companies from Facebook to Wyze and OnePlus. That’s why it’s important to keep passwords unique and to keep an eye out on any issues other websites run into. The problem there is you need to be able to remember every password and every password needs to be relatively complex in nature.

Fortunately, Dashlane is the perfect way of solving all these issues. It’s a password manager app that also secures your important notes and documents and keeps you aware of any data breaches that may affect you. Right now, there’s an exclusive offer available for Digital Trends readers, giving new Dashlane customers 25% off the premium package when they use the promo code DigitalTrends25.

You might be thinking you can simply remember all your passwords, but do you really think you can? Think about your daily internet habits. You probably have an email account or two that you log into each day, a few different streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, an Amazon account, maybe some other retailers, your online banking credentials, gaming accounts, and so much more. In every case, they’re an insight into your life. Once a hacker gains access to one, it’s much easier to access others even if you use a different password, especially if it’s something critical like your email account or online banking. You’re only as secure as your weakest password too, and it’s not the kind of thing antivirus software can protect you from.


Simply something like your Netflix account can often be under threat through identity theft or simply someone trying to steal free content from you. That’s where Dashlane helps a ton by keeping an eye on everything for you, so you don’t have to worry. Dashlane is available as part of two different plans. Both plans offer password storage, password generating, as well as security alerts for your data and any potential data breaches that may affect you.

Dashlane Free

The free plan allows you to safely store up to 50 passwords, auto-filling your personal information on one device. It’s entirely free but is pretty limited. For one thing, you’re likely to have more than 50 passwords that you might want to store. As mentioned, your security is dependent on your weakest password so you don’t really want to miss out on storing one safely.

Also, no one lives their online life on one device anymore. We all use PCs or Macs, alongside our smartphones and it’s important to be just as secure across all devices.

Dashlane Premium

Dashlane Premium offers unlimited password storage on an unlimited number of devices. No matter how many laptops, PCs, and smartphones you juggle on a daily basis, Dashlane is there to protect you each step of the way. On top of that, it offers enhanced two-factor authentication with U2F with YubiKey support over standard 2FA. In addition, it conducts dark web monitoring to keep an eye out for any personal information of yours that could have got out. Through the identity dashboard, you gain a full picture of your online security level. Dashlane advises you how to improve things and what your password health score is so you know how secure you are. The moment a breach occurs on a website, Dashlane lets you know about it.

Dashlane Premium also includes a VPN so your internet browsing is protected at all times, along with secure file storage. Customer service is also upgraded with priority support in case you need it.

As an extra level of safety, you can also share account credentials with friends and family without ever revealing your password to them, ensuring your account remains safe if you choose to revoke access.

Dashlane Premium is usually priced at $40 per year but with the use of the DigitalTrends25 promo code, it drops to $30.

That’s a bargain for such strong peace of mind. You’ll never need to worry about being affected by a breach while you’re subscribed to Dashlane.

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