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Dell channels Mr T and colors its new XPS 13 gold

dell xps 13 fashion week dellgold
The Verge
When Dell launched its XPS 13 last year, it ticked a lot of boxes. It’s thin, lightweight, has a classy (almost) Apple-like design and as our very own Matt Smith said in our review, it has a simply stunning display. But perhaps you aren’t the kind of person that likes to settle for silver, a color synonymous with second place. Perhaps you want to feel like a winner instead. In that case, you might want Dell’s new Gold edition XPS 13.

Much like Apple’s own forays into altering the metallic color scheme of their high-end notebooks, Dell is now offering its popular model in a gold hue. This isn’t quite like that firm that will literally gold plate your electronics for about as much as the devices cost in the first place, but it still looks rather swanky.

This is perhaps an effort by Dell to expand beyond its traditional enterprise focus and give its devices more of a premium-consumer feel; something that may help it tap further into Apple’s fanbase.

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As The Verge points out, though, the inside of the lid is still black, so the gold isn’t so gaudy that it’s likely to scare away traditional Dell fans.

However, anyone wanting one of these will have to pay for it. The gold version is limited to the XPS 13 that packs all of the highest of high-end hardware. It comes with a Core i7 Skylake CPU, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of SSD storage space and a QHD (3,200 x 1,800p) display.

All of that fancy internal hardware means you will need to dish out $1,700 to have the privilege of sporting a gold Dell laptop. If you’re considering getting one, you have until February 2 to decide, as it won’t be available until then.

If you aren’t bothered by the color scheme, perhaps you’ll opt for a similar model for its performance. Dell also announced that a new XPS 13 option would be available on the same date, and will have an Iris graphics core as well as all of that i7 CPU power.

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