Dell Minis Get New Case Designs

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After busting out a new series of Art House case designs that support PRODUCT (RED), computer maker Dell has turned its attention to its Inspiron Mini 9 and Mini 12 subnotebooks, addint two new red and pink case colors to the line, along with three images by urban artist and toy designer Tristan Eaton.

Eaton joins contemporary artists Bruce Mau, Mike Ming, Siobhan Gunning, and Joseph Amedokpo in offering graphic design for notebook cases. In expanding the range of case options available, Dell hopes to expand the appeal of its computer product to consumers put off by staid, conservative designs. Of course, the sort of consumers who dislike boring laptops are likely to do their own decorating with paint, stickers, and other items…but the custom designs gift a hint of how the “pros” would do it.

The new colors are a $25 upcharge from the standard black, while the graphics (in various color schemes) are a $50 upcharge. All are available now.