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The redesigned Dell XPS desktop is smaller, faster, and much prettier

Dell has announced a redesign of its popular XPS desktop, which boasts both a fresh new look and some impressive internals. Dell’s XPS Desktop has been a popular choice in college dorm rooms and in the home due to its relatively strong performance, modest price, compact footprint, and stylish design.

This year, with its XPS 8000 Series Desktop refresh, Dell is building upon the strengths of its premium PC while adding performance and shaving down the dimensions to make this system even more compact.

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Dell XPS 8000 Series (Model 8940) desktop computer, code name Diavel. Additional products are Dell S2719DG monitor and Dell KM717 wireless keyboard and mouse.

Powerful upgrades — including the jump to Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2070 Super graphics and up to a 10th-gen Intel Core i9 processor — make this an easy choice for those shopping for a PC for content creation, gaming, and office tasks. This makes the XPS Desktop the most powerful XPS system ever built. Dell is positioning the desktop for tasks such as creative workflow, gaming, and virtual reality applications. The desktop is part of Nvidia’s RTX Studio program and comes with Nvidia Studio drivers for those who need to rely on the system for content creation work.

As part of Dell’s move to make the XPS Desktop even more compact, this year’s refresh shaves off 5 liters from the desktop’s volume, from 24 liters on the previous generation to 19 liters. Despite the move to a more compact form factor, this year’s system is still easy to upgrade with tool-free access to the chassis via three removable panels.

Inside, you’ll also find three expansion slots, four storage bays, and a 500-watt power supply that can support up to a 225-watt graphics card, making the XPS Desktop more versatile as an entry-level PC or one that can hold its own against gaming systems, like Dell’s G5 desktop, especially with an upgraded Creator Edition configuration featuring a more powerful graphics card.

Even if you upgrade to a more powerful configuration, a thoughtful thermal system helps to keep things running cool. Strategically placed vents, fans with high RPM cycles, and voltage regulators work to maximize airflow to maintain strong system performance.

Borrowing its design cues from the XPS 13, XPS 15, and XPS 17 laptops, the XPS Desktop will be available in either Mineral White or Night Sky colors, giving it a modern and minimalist aesthetic that Dell claims will fit into any home or office environment.
The XPS Desktop will start at $649 when it becomes available this month for purchase.

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