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Discord now lets creators make money, and it’s not with crypto

Discord announced the official opening of Server Subscriptions to servers in the U.S. on December 1.

After testing different ways that Discord community leaders and creators can monetize on the platform over the last year, the brand has shared details on its pricing requirements and perks. Subscriptions can be set between $3 and $200, with server owners and community leaders being able to have a fair amount of creative freedom on what they can offer followers in exchange for a monthly fee.

Starting today, all eligible U.S. creators can make money directly from their Discord servers.

Create and customize subscription plans that offer unique roles, perks, and benefits to interested members of your community.

More info:

— Discord (@discord) December 1, 2022

These can include unique roles, perks, and benefits. Discord noted that server owners can offer several pricing tiers, for example. The higher the tier, the higher the cost, but the more perks subscribers can get.

Once the applicable fees are deducted, server owners receive 90% profit of their earnings.

The requirements to enable Server Subscriptions are also fairly simple at this time and include:

  • The server owner must be based in the U.S.
  • The server must be in good standing with Discord, with no recent Terms of Service or Community Guideline violations.
  • You must agree to our updated Monetization Terms and Server Subscriptions Policy.

There is currently no word on whether or when Discord plans to expand monetization to markets outside of the U.S.

To enable Server Subscriptions, you need only access Server Settings > Server Subscriptions in the Monetization category of Settings.

Discord is a traditionally free chatting platform that has video and voice aspects similar to Slack and Skype. The popular program has brought in 250 million users in total and has 14 million people logging in daily. It is especially popular among gamers, but has also become somewhat of a public forum for special interests of all kinds.

In addition to its new Server Subscriptions, Discord is now offering a new Creator Portal that server owners and community leaders can use to find inspiration for their newly monetized servers. The Creator Portal features a host of resources, including case studies, articles, quizzes, tips for Promo Pages, and Lightning Lessons taught by other creators such as Marques Brownlee, HannahxxRose, and ChefPK.

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