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Disney Studio All Access offers video on demand

Disney-logoDisney will be the latest content company to cash in on the video-on-demand game. According to the NY Post, the beloved producer of children’s movies is developing a new service, offering in-home movies to its audience. Disney will introduce Studio All Access, allowing users directly buy and watch content from the couch on a variety of devices. Disney also signed new agreements with Redbox and Netflix, which will both shell out more in order to carry Disney DVDs.

As DVD sales continue to sag and even Redbox will make the jump to digital rentals, it’s only natural for producers to consider the in-home outlet. At a recent investor conference, Disney president of distribution Bob Chapek acknowledged his company would find a new way to offer its content. “Our research shows that one of the biggest segments of the audience that’s interested in home premiere are families with very young kids who can’t make it to the theater given the age of their children.”

Disney has been progressively moving toward streaming content recently. Last years, theaters were slighted by Disney’s choice to restrict Alice in Wonderland’s time on the big screen in order to release it on DVD sooner. But pressure from on-demand movie services is only increasing as more and more content providers begin offering the service, and profit is on the line.

The content provider has had a sporadic relationship with technology. It has been offering its ABC television programming on Hulu, but released its iPad app before Hulu Plus was introduced – which has its own iPad app. The movie studio basically made its own iPad app obsolete even before it made its tablet debut.

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