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No screen’s too small for ‘Doom’: Classic game now playable on MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar

Doom on the MacBook Pro Touch Bar
The MacBook Pro’s new Touch Bar has been officially co-opted by video game fanatics, with a port of id Software’s classic first-person shooter Doom now playable within the tiny confines of Apple’s miniature touchscreen display.

Even when running at an ultra-widescreen resolution of 2170 x 60, Doom should be fully playable for fans familiar with the classic game’s initial selection of maps, though later levels and higher difficulty settings will prove to be a challenge even for veterans with decades of experience.

Porting Doom to unconventional and impractical hardware has become a tradition among longtime series fans, and over the past several years, enterprising hobbyist developers have gotten ports up and running on everything from inkjet printers to truck-mounted billboards to ATMs.

The MacBook Pro isn’t the first Apple product to get unofficial Doom support, as recent porting initiatives produced playable versions for the Apple Watch and the Apple TV.

Gaming consoles are another point of focus for the Doom hacking community, and odds are good that if you own any piece of technology with a screen, it can probably run Doom. The iconic game has appeared on platforms as recent as the Nintendo 3DS, and even Commodore 64 fans can get a taste of the action with a scaled-back 8-bit port.

Other recent Doom sightings are downright bizarre, if not entirely inappropriate. The kid-friendly Leapfrog educational handheld can transform into id’s bloody first-person shooter with a simple hack, and if you’ve ever wanted to play Doom while on a cross-country flight, certain forms of in-flight entertainment may have you covered.

A comprehensive list of all hardware and technology that has been modified to run Doom is chronicled at the fan-curated Tumblr It Runs Doom.

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