Delayed Dropbox update will let users combine home and business accounts next month

dropbox update will finally let users keep one account home business

Dropbox will release an update next month allowing users to switch from their personal and professional storage spaces from a single account. According to The Verge, the feature will go live April 9, following a Dropbox press conference announcing the update.

It’s seemingly been on the launchpad for months, with this news coming months after Dropbox initially announced that the feature would begin rolling out back in November. This update aims to save pro users some time every time they go to access their work files from home and vice versa, or when managing multiple accounts from the Dropbox app.

However, Dropbox also states that your work and personal files will remain independent from one another, even though the update will permit you to access the content of both accounts. Dropbox says that, with this update, “it’ll be like having your house keys and your work keycard on the same keychain.”

Here’s how Dropbox explains the update.

“But this is about more than having two places for all your stuff. Take the mobile app — once you connect your Dropboxes, you’ll be able to get to both Dropbox folders from the same Files tab. Dropbox is also smart about making sure your stuff goes where it’s supposed to. For example, photos you add via Camera Upload will instantly show up in the Photos tab, but they’ll stay for your eyes only.”

Earlier this week, has acquired private chat startup Zulip, a move which suggests that the company plans to expand from cloud storage into a robust service catering to businesses.