Early benchmarks for AMD’s Fury X GPU show performance that rivals Nvidia’s Titan X

AMD Radeon
It won’t be long now before AMD announces its new high-end Fury X (Fiji XT) graphics card. While official specifications for the card aren’t available just yet, the folks over at Videocardz have leaked them from what they call “a good source with credible information.” With that, they’ve put it through its paces using the 3DMark FireStrike benchmarks, and the results are quite impressive, easily rivaling those put forth by NVIDIA’s Titan X card.

Before we get to the benchmark scores, the rumored specs of AMD’s upcoming card used for the test are as follows: a 1,050MHz core clock, 500MHz memory clock, and 4GB of HBM-1 memory on a 4096-bit bus. Again, these are the rumored specs, and they could vary slightly from those that AMD will announce soon, but they fit with our expectations for the new card, and it makes sense based on what’s offered in competing cards like the NVIDIA Titan X.

As for the results of the benchmarks, first we have the FireStrike Extreme test, which tests cards in 1440p resolution. Here, a single AMD Radeon Fury X scored 7,878, while the Titan X slightly edged it out with a score of 7,989. Moving to the 4K test, which 3DMark calls Firestrike Ultra, AMD’s card gets the nod slightly with a score of 3,960 while NVIDIA’s card achieved 3,862. They are extremely close in all of the tests, and the real world performance differences should be quite small.

Moving to SLI and crossfire configurations, the Fury X CF netted a score of 13,925 on the FireStrike Extreme test, and the Titan X SLI scored 13,964. Again, NVIDIA slightly edged out the AMD card. There were no results for the 4K Ultra test with the cards in SLI, but if the pattern from above remains, then we expect AMD’s cards to score marginally higher than NVIDIA’s.

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