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Elgato’s Stream Deck Pedal helps your feet be productive

Productivity usually involves using your hands, but accessory maker Elgato has a new way to help you use your feet to get more work done.

Just launched is the Stream Deck Pedal, a tactile foot controller with three hit zones that can be customized for various functions in apps and games.

Priced at $90, but currently out of stock, the Stream Deck Pedal can help “streamline your setup,” according to Elgato. It’s a heavy-duty pedal that sits discreetly on the floor under your setup. It sports a 16-foot USB-C cable for connectivity to a PC and three tactile zones that you can press with your feet to control software, hardware, and more.

Though not analog, the pressure of the pedals can even be adjusted, so you can feel more or less feedback as you use it. There are even antiskid feet on the bottom so that the Steam Deck Pedal will stay in place as you use it.

The Elgato Stream Deck Pedal lets you use your feet to control video games.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Elgato provides a sample situation for a gamer where the Stream Deck Pedal might be useful. On the product page, it says you can free up your fingers while gaming, and use the pedal to mute your mic, launch censor bleeps during streams, or even display a meme. It even says the pedal can be used to trigger effects and toggle cameras without touching your PC.

For non-gamers, the Stream Deck Pedal can be used to improve video editing, music production, or photo editing. In these situations, macros can be assigned to the various pedals. For additional customization, a “Smart Profiles” feature lets you create pedal layouts that load up when you switch between apps. One can be used for streaming, another for videoconferencing, and an additional one for other tools.

Other uses of Stream Deck Pedal include triggering chain reactions. Thanks to Multi Actions, you can trigger multiple actions together, assigned to one pedal. This includes snapping a screenshot, opening a folder, and even launching Twitter for quick sharing.

The Stream Deck Pedal joins Elgato’s other popular products, including the Stream Deck MK.2, Key Light Air, and HD60 S+.

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