Fallout 4 looks better than ever with the latest update on PC

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 had some of the most split reception I’ve seen from a game in a very long time. A lot of this comes down to the importance of technical solidarity, which many complained that the game lacked, while many others honestly couldn’t care less. I personally stand with the former category, and while I’ll likely never return to the Wasteland, Bethesda’s recent support for the game — primarily on PC — just might convince others to give Fallout 4 another chance.

Of these updates catered to Fallout newcomers and loyalists alike, patch 1.3 for PC is the most recent version of the game, complete with a number of significant improvements, the most notable of which is in the graphical variety. Yes, they’re making it look better by newly implementing support for Nvidia’s HBAO+ ambient occlusion, making shadows look more crisp and lifelike. Plus, if you have an Nvidia graphics card, you’ll also be presented with weapon debris effects, absent from other GPU brands.

Regardless of which card you’re playing with though, you’re entitled to improved key remapping. You’ll now be able to remap the E, S, D, and F keys in Workshop mode, which is pretty handy if you’re keen on customization features offered exclusively on PC. Moreover, gamepad users need not feel left out, as Bethesda has even added the ability to rotate the object you’re holding in the game using the left and right triggers — and you can even press down on the left thumbstick to switch the rotating axis.

Thankfully, criticisms regarding Fallout 4‘s incessant bugginess haven’t gone unattended either. In fact, Bethesda claims that update 1.3 bears “general memory and stability improvements,” and it even addresses complaints likened to companion A.I. shortcomings as well as technical blemishes on the perk chart. And, lastly, there’s an extensive list of quest amendments and numerous enhancements to Workshop mode.

I’d go even more in-depth, but unfortunately, another settlement needs my help.