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G. Skill is coming out with a series of RGB mechanical keyboards

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G. Skill, a company mostly known for its RAM production, has revealed that the Ripjaws mechanical keyboard family will soon be making its way to retail. The KM780 RGB and KM780 MX, similar to many mechanical gaming keyboards, will utilize Cherry switches, making it easy to determine when a key press has been registered.

Looking at these two keyboard models in particular, it seems like the only distinguishing feature is that the KM780 RGB — as indicated in its name — features Cherry RGB switches as well as RGB backlighting. The KM780 MX, on the other hand, does not. Both versions will be available in brown and black variants.

G. Skill claims that the built-in switches, which are rated at 50 million keystrokes, are more durable than switches traditionally used on keyboards due in part to a 2 mm-thick aluminum plate that rests on key surfaces of the keyboards.

Both keyboards are packaged with replaceable keycaps along with a puller tool for removal. And, of course, the collection wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of a storage case for keeping all of your keyboarding supplies in tip-top shape.

And, if that’s not enough to convince you, G. Skill has gone the extra mile to include additional function buttons, including five keys to control media programs as well as a roller for managing audio levels. Under the switches sits an volume display LED designed to streamline the governance of audio systems.

Positioned vertically, along the left side of the keyboard, are six programmable macro keys located beneath seven extra keys. Three of these are hotkeys for quick access to Windows lock, brightness control, and the timer, while the other four are designed to let you quickly change keyboard layouts.

The keyboard also features a nifty mouse cable holder, which helps keep your USB mouse cable out of the way.

The G. Skill KM 780 RGB is available now for $160, but if pretty colors don’t excite you, you can save a few bucks by purchasing the KM 780 MX, without the RGB backlighting, for $120. The Cherry Red variants aren’t expected to launch until later this month, while Cherry Blue versions have been confirmed, albeit without a release window.

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