Gateway Goes to China

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Computer maker Gateway has announced it will be offering desktop and notebook PCs exclusively for the Chinese market. Digital China will be the company’s exclusive distributor, and Gateways’s initial offerings will be premium systems featuring Windows Vista Home Premium and Intel Centrino Duo and Core 2 Duo processors.

"China is home to some of the world’s most savvy computer users and we’re confident they will recognize the value Gateway brings to this market," said Catewy CEO Ed Coleman, in a statement. "We believe Gateway’s strong history of quality and innovation, combined with Digital China’s outstanding reputation for service and support, will lead to success in the marketplace."

Gateway’s move follows computer maker Dell’s recent foray into the Chinese market, although, unlike Gateway, Dell is offering low-cost systems and even Linux-based computers. Computer maker Lenovo is also targeting the low end, recently announcing plans to offer desktop PCs to the rural Chinese market with prices starting around $199.

Conversely, Gateway plans to offer premium systems through Chinese retail stores and PC malls, including Best Buy Asia’s flagship Shanghai store. "The high-end product line Gateway has built for China is a perfect fit for the unique, premium experience we are creating in our Shanghai store and future locations," said Redmond Yeung, COO and president of Best Buy Asia.