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Google to add Android-like in-line notification replies to Chrome OS

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An upcoming update for Google’s Chrome OS platform could make responding to social messages that bit easier, as you’ll be able to reply right within the notification itself. It’s a key feature that’s currently missing from Android applications running on Chrome OS, but it seems Google is keen to correct that in a coming update.

The ability to respond to social messages within notifications makes multitasking much easier, as you don’t need to continuously open the relevant messaging application to reply. When the notification pops up, you can simply type your response — or select an emoji — right there. As it stands, that feature is broken within Chrome OS, but Chrome Story has discovered that Google is going to change that for the better.

Spotted in a recent code change request for Chromium’s source code, the notes state that Google will soon “add notification in-line reply support to Chrome OS.” Specifically, it will add new UI side support for notification in-line replies. It will also overhaul the animation and add a new “submit” icon to the notifications panel, making it clear that you can reply there.

The code change request even highlights that this is a feature that’s been available on Android and Windows for a while now and “it’s time to start implementing it for Chrome OS” too. Considering the state of Android apps on Chromebooks, fixing general functionality for at least the social ones would be a good step to take.

Although no time frame has been put in place for when this feature will be added, considering the developers seem to think that there won’t be much involved in enabling it, it shouldn’t be too long. It will no doubt be introduced to developer channels first, before hitting the main Chrome OS release.

When it is implemented, it probably won’t be enough for us to universally recommend Google’s Pixelbook laptop, but it’s still a decent Chromebook by most measures.

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