Google rolls out security improvements to help flag up malicious websites

google project zero malwarebytes vulnerability headquarters
Keen to ensure Web users experience as little hassle as possible during their online shenanigans, Google has introduced more security measures geared toward reducing the chances of getting done over by malware, phishing scams, and other cyber-related threats.

Following efforts last summer to boost protection against dodgy downloads, the Mountain View company this week further beefed up security for Chrome, Search, and ads.

For example, in addition to the current warning that shows up right before you go to download suspicious software, users of Google’s Chrome browser will now see an even more prominent warning (below) before they visit the site containing the link to the download.

google chrome warning

It’s about as clear an alert as you can get – a prominent red cross in a large red box containing the text, “The site ahead contains harmful programs.” It adds that visiting the page may “harm your browsing experience” (and likely ruin your day) and also includes the option to allow Chrome to automatically report possible security incidents to Google in future.

Google Search’s security has been boosted, too, enabling it to better filter out sites it deems suspicious, while Google ads are now being disabled in instances where they lead to websites containing unwanted downloads.

The latest changes are part of  the Web company’s ongoing ‘Safe Browsing‘ initiative that seeks to spot unsafe websites and alert users and webmasters so they can take action to avoid trouble.

[Source: Google]

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