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This Wi-Fi mesh router will keep your kids safe at all times

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The majority of us use a Wi-Fi router to connect to the internet throughout our home, but far too many of us continue to use an ageing device that lacks modern-day features that are genuinely useful in our day-to-day lives. That’s not a smart idea if you want to get the best from your ISP’s connection speeds and you want the finest security features for your home. When figuring out how to buy a Wi-Fi router, one of the best options these days is a mesh router such as the Gryphon Parental Control Router & Mesh WiFi System. Able to extend your network across even a large home, and with plenty of great features, it’s ideal for tech-savvy folks and novices alike.

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Gryphon Online Security has some solid pedigree behind the name. Founded four years ago by John Wu, one of the inventors of the MiFi mobile hotspot, and Arup Bhattacharya, who developed the media processors that powered the Apple iPod, the company came about after Wu found his daughter exposed to inappropriate content after searching for “princesses.” From there, the two vowed to come up with an effective method to keep adults and children alike safe online in an easy-to-use fashion. Enter the Gryphon Parental Control Router & Mesh WiFi System — a powerful mesh Wi-Fi system that has a user-friendly app and cloud-managed network protection to boot. With an intelligent firewall, it uses adaptive machine learning to block viruses, malware, and hackers, with the Gryphon Connect app allowing parents to filter content by age as well as monitor what their children are browsing.

The Gryphon Parental Control Router & Mesh WiFi System prides itself on simplicity with the simple-to-use app allowing you to also set bedtimes/homework times, limit screen time, enforce safe searches, and even suspend the internet any time.

Alongside that, the router also provides you with daily security updates to prevent the latest threats, plus it’ll scan all devices including all your smart home gadgets for any vulnerabilities. Included for the price is a year’s worth of Intelligent Intrusion Detection and Malware Filtering protection from ESET Technology so you’re secure at all times.

The Gryphon Parental Control Router & Mesh WiFi System is no slouch with performance either thanks to its six high-powered antennas, fast 3Gbps throughput, and a choice of 2.4GHz or 5Ghz connections. Plus it provides up to 3,000 square feet of wall-to-wall coverage so you won’t suffer from any dead spots in your home.

Encompassing pretty much everything you could want from a router in your home, the Gryphon Parental Control Router & Mesh WiFi System is available at Amazon for just $229. With plenty of highly positive ratings, this is a great router for those looking for power yet simplicity all wrapped up in one package.

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Why you need this ultra-secure mesh Wi-Fi router right now
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With more and more of our time being (somewhat unfortunately) spent online, it's perhaps an opportune moment to think about upgrading one of the more innocuous devices that you own: Your Wi-Fi router. Unless you're old-fashioned enough to still be hardwiring to your modem via an ethernet cable, chances are you have a Wi-Fi router hiding somewhere in your home, and however unassuming it may be, this device is the linchpin of your internet connection. No matter how fast your ISP may be delivering internet signals to your home, if your router isn't up to speed, you won't get the full benefit of that connection.

But speed isn't everything. One thing you may not consider when picking out a new Wi-Fi router is security. As anyone who has received an email from a sultan promising large sums of money knows, there are a lot of dangers lurking online. There are also the many sites containing content that, if a bit shocking to adults, is certainly stuff that we don't want our children to see.
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Enter Gryphon Online Security. Gryphon was founded four years ago by John Wu, one of the inventors of the MiFi mobile hotspot, and Arup Bhattacharya, who developed the media processors that powered the Apple iPod, after Wu found his daughter looking at inappropriate content after searching for "princesses." The two made it their mission to keep adults and children alike safe online and block intrusions and malware by filtering the internet at the source. Because most households average 12 devices connected to their Wi-Fi networks, maintaining software and monitoring each device simply isn't a feasible solution. And with kids averaging seven hours a day online, it's impossible for parents to be aware of their activity all the time. (It's estimated that 90% of children ages 8 to 16 have seen inappropriate content online.) And parents themselves and other adults aren't safe either. It's estimated that 70% of devices are vulnerable to hacking, and this at a time (the COVID-19 pandemic) when there has been a 330% increase in hacking activity.

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Save big and use all of your internet connections at once with Speedify 10
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Ever wished for better and more reliable internet? If you’re tired of video calls that stutter and stop or file transfers that take forever, Connectify’s Speedify 10 is here to save the day - and it's on sale for a limited time.
Speedify is the first VPN that can help you use all your internet connections at once, making it perfect for always-on users. Because of that, it’s the only VPN that makes your online experiences faster, more reliable, and more secure at the same time. To celebrate the recent launch of Speedify 10, it is offering up to 70% off its usual plan prices depending on how long you sign up for. If you choose the 3-year plan, that works out to only $3/month. Choose the 2-year plan and you get 60% off, making it the equivalent of $4/month. Alternatively, if you want to commit to just one year, it works out at $6/month, saving you 40%. Be quick though — this is a limited time only offer.
Learn more at Speedify
So, just what is all the fuss about Speedify 10, you may be wondering. Well, it’s a pretty neat concept.
Speedify takes advantage of the fact that, these days, we almost always have several internet connections available to us, whether it be home or office Wi-Fi, nearby public hot spots, mobile data, or Ethernet. It uses its unique channel-bonding technology to combine them all into one high-speed internet connection for all your needs, distributing traffic between them to boost performance without skipping a beat when you add or remove a connection.
Speedify 10 even enhances streaming by automatically detecting and prioritizing real-time voice and video, such as Zoom meetings, VoIP, and livestreaming. Avid gamer? If one connection drops, you won’t get kicked out of the game.
All you have to do is install the app onto your laptop, desktop, or smartphone and then Speedify 10 does the rest for you. There are apps available for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux so everyone is covered here. A quick couple of steps later and Speedify bonds your connection, hooking you up with a speed that’s superior to what you are used to. We tested the iOS app and found that even with a fairly weak 4G signal, Speedify boosted our Wi-Fi connection by around 20%. It also means you won't have to worry about connection drops which is sure to be useful when working from home. 
The app is really easy to use, too, so you don’t have to worry about technical knowledge to get started and it works in the background once it has been set up. However, if you do want to get more involved, you can set priority rules for each internet connection to control how and when it should be used, and monitor its usage and performance with easy-to-read graphs. It can show you a number of interesting statistics like top speeds, data encrypted, and streams completed so you can see just when and how Speedify enhanced your online experience.
In addition to the stability and speed improvements that Speedify offers, it also utilizes the latest encryption standards to keep your information private while delivering over twice the performance of conventional VPNs on desktops and mobile devices. With Speedify you can be confident that your data is safe at all times, no matter what you’re doing online.
Right now, you can enjoy considerable discounts when signing up for Speedify. The current sale offers up to 70% off the usual price. That means a 3-year plan works out to only $3 per month, while a 2-year plan comes out to $4 per month, and a 1-year plan costs the equivalent of $6 per month. That’s a really low price to pay for a faster and more reliable internet connection compared to what it would cost to upgrade your ISP plan. With more of us working from home and enjoying streaming content, this is the ideal way to boost your service for only a few bucks a month.
Learn more at Speedify

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Amazon slashes the price on Eero Mesh Wi-Fi System routers
amazon slashes black friday prices for eero mesh wi fi systems wifi router extender  1

No one ever complained their internet connection was too fast, but consistent connections are even more important than throughput rate. An ideal home network setup has dependable connectivity throughout, with ample speed for every need. The more computers, connected gaming systems, mobile devices, networked security cameras and lights, and smart home components in your home, the more you need the best possible Wi-Fi connections. Mesh Wi-Fi systems offer several benefits for home networks, but balancing performance and enabling the sharing of wireless connections throughout their coverage range are the most important. Amazon slashed the prices of Eero Mesh Wi-Fi System routers, one of our favorite models.

Home networks with mesh Wi-Fi systems typically set up configurations with one or more routers and range extenders. Eero Beacon Range Extenders add up to 1,500 square feet of Wi-Fi coverage to a system that uses an Eero Mesh Router. You can also add more routers, instead of range extenders. Each additional Eero Router adds 1,500 square feet of coverage and also has two Ethernet ports for devices that require a wired connection to your network.

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