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Hate ads, but love the Maxthon browser? Your dream has come true

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Image Credit: Maxthon
The company behind the Maxthon web browser has announced that the popular ad-busting extension AdBlock Plus is baked into the final release of a new version of the browser, fittingly called Maxthon with Adblock Plus.

The add-on has been download over 70 million times for Firefox and Chrome alone, and has proven to be a serious thorn in the side of websites that depend on advertising revenue to run their operations.

The company was sure to clarify that PC users aren’t the only ones who stand to benefit from the upgrade either, as it also pushed out a beta version of the browser for its Android users. This should promise an extra layer of protection to one of the most vulnerable sectors of the mobile market, and allow users to surf freely without worrying about which domains might be acting out of turn.

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AdBlock Plus was recently involved in controversy over a report that major companies like Google and Microsoft are paying large sums to its parent company, Eyeo, to be a part of the Acceptable Ads program, a whitelist that lets certain websites bypass the extension. The press announcement for Maxthon with AdBlock Plus notes that Acceptable Ads will be a part of the experience.

You can download the PC version of AdBlock for Maxthon at the company’s website, or if you’re on Android, from Google Play today.

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