iBuyPower's Revolt 2 improves upon the first with better GPU support and a full-sized power supply

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iBuyPower has revealed a follow-up to its small form factor Revolt gaming PC, appropriately dubbed the Revolt 2. Unlike its predecessor, the Revolt 2’s freshly redesigned chassis bolsters support for full-sized ATX power supplies, up to a 280mm liquid cooling radiator, and nearly any full-sized GPU you toss at it.

The Revolt 2 distinguishes itself from competing pre-built PCs on the market with its elegantly designed mini-ITX chassis, which measure 8 x 9 x 15 inches, about the size of a small mid-tower. Because of its unique stocky but angular design, however, the Revolt 2 appears to take up less space than a conventional computer chassis. Without adding anything too fancy, a mid-range Revolt 2 build weighs in at about 21 pounds.

“Our engineers wanted to create a unique PC,” an iBuyPower representative declared in a statement. “We asked ourselves, ‘What actually makes a gaming PC a gaming PC?’ and we all came to the conclusion that it was the GPU. So we created a unique [small form factor] that highlights the GPU. We even impressed ourselves with how amazing this thing looks, and how crazy distinct it is from other PCs on the market.”

While the Revolt 2 can be used with nearly any mini-ITX motherboard, the complete list of compatible options has yet to be officially revealed. Users can configure the Revolt 2 with up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM by combining two 16GB modules. Notably, the original Revolt only supported a maximum 16GB of memory. The remaining specs are expected to be announced at CES, among a number of other unveilings from iBuyPower.

iBuyPower’s Revolt 2 can be configured with a broad catalog of AMD and Nvidia GPUs, absent dual-GPU graphics cards and extra-wide GPUs, as well as a single 3.5-inch HDD and at least two 2.5-inch SSDs, depending on the motherboard.

What’s more, the small form factor gaming rig can be purchased with a full-sized ATX power supply up to 7.5 inches long, though most single-GPU mini-ITX configurations won’t need more than 750 watts to stay running.

We’ll know more about the Revolt 2 when it’s fully exhibited next week at CES.