Intel’s Haswell Core i7 chips include Just Cause 3 and CS:GO for a limited time

CounterStrike 2

Thinking about building a new computer? One of the best ways to maximize a gaming PC budget is to find parts that come with games. In this case, Intel is offering up three games to anyone who purchases an Intel Core i7 CPU, including the upcoming Just Cause 3.

In addition to a key for the newest title in the Just Cause series, which comes out on December 1, the bundle includes a key for Valve’s popular shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Despite a summer 2012 release, CS:GO is still one of the top-played games on Steam, and has a large professional following.

The site lists World of Warships as the third game in the bundle, and the value is listed as $50, but the game is actually free. Instead, it’s likely that Intel has worked with developer Wargaming to put together a bundle of ships, paid currency, and/or premium account benefits, although there are no further details on the redemption page. It’s not an uncommon practice, as Wargaming has been including bundles with motherboards and video cards recently.

Although Intel doesn’t detail exactly what products qualify, Newegg has a number of Intel Core i7 Haswell processors listed as including the bundle, including the high-end i7-5960X, i7-5820K. The least expensive CPU that comes with the games is the i7-4770, a quad-core Haswell chip with a 3.4GHz Base Clock that retails for $304.99.

If you’re looking for more information about the bundle, what little there is to know can be found on the landing page. Notably, the offer is valid until February 15, 2016, or until the codes run out, whichever comes first. Even the Haswell Core i7 chips are fairly expensive still, but the cost of a brand new AAA game, a popular Valve title, and some cash in a free-to-play is a nice deal that takes a bit of the hurt off.