Intel splits the Atom into three new brands

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Image Credit: Intel
Intel has announced it will be re-branding its line of Atom processors from the complicated jargon-filled codenames of yesteryear, to a streamlined, consumer-friendly “Atom x” family of miniature CPUs.

Arguably one of the best moves Intel could have made for itself was re-branding its tired line of Pentium processors to the new “Core” series back in 2007, and now it looks as though the Atom is about to get a makeover of its own.

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Previously, the chips were burdened with complicated codenames like “Z3735G” and “S1289.” Not exactly the sexiest way to get silicon off the shelves, and now Intel says its lineup of mobile-ready processors will be just a bit easier to understand under new monikers; x3, x5, and x7.

As with the “i” line, each jump in the chain represents the amount of power you should expect to get for the price. Interestingly, though, the infographic released by Intel says all three Atom brands will target “great tablet, phablet and smartphone performance,” but does not mention 2-in-1 devices. Instead, the release says Core M will carry “tablet-thin designs” going forward.

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We’re not sure what to make of that information. Core M is too expensive for manufacturers to use in low cost hybrids, so either Intel plans to debut more affordable versions, or the infographic isn’t quite right. We suspect the latter, given the company’s notorious reluctance to slash pricing for its Core lineup.

No word on when we can expect to see the new Atoms inside our pockets,  but it’s likely the re-branding is in preparation for the launch of new “Cherry Trail” hardware later this year. We expect Intel will flesh out the details of this lineup at Mobile World Congress next week.

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