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Intel updates its desktop CPU price sheet with the Core X-Series 12-core chip

Core X-Series
Intel recently updated its desktop processor pricelist to refresh its lineup of Core X-Series chips. The sheet now includes a 12-core model, the Core i9-7920X, costing $1,189 when it arrives in August. Other details added to the 12-core entry include the base clock speed, cache amount, and a few other tidbits of information.

Here is the complete updated Core X-Series list:

Cores Threads L3 Cache Base Speed Boost Speed Price Availability
i9-7920X 12 24 16.5MB 2.90GHz ? $1,189 August
i9-7900X 10 20 13.75MB 3.30GHz 4.30GHz $989 Now
i7-7820X 8 16 11MB 3.60GHz 4.30GHz $589 Now
i7-7800X 6 12 8.25MB 3.50GHz 4.00GHz $383 Now
i7-7740X 4 8 8MB 4.30GHz 4.50GHz $339 Now
i7-7640X 4 4 8MB 4.00GHz 4.20GHz $242 Now

What Intel’s latest pricing information currently doesn’t show are the three remaining processors residing at the top of the Core X-Series totem pole: The Core i9-7940X, the Core i9-7960X, and the Core i9-7980XE. Intel is presumably holding off on adding this information until the launch date grows near.

However, Intel could also be waiting for AMD’s two Ryzen Threadripper chips rip into the desktop PC scene in August. AMD’s 16-core 1950X will have a base speed of 3.4GHz and a price set at $999 while the 12-core 1920X model will have a base speed of 3.5GHz and a price set at $799. That said, the CPU clock speed wars will be interesting to see starting next month.

AMD’s upcoming thread-ripping 1950X will have the same number of cores as Intel’s upcoming Core i9-7960X chip, but sporting a higher base clock speed while commanding a lower price point. The same holds true when comparing AMD’s 1920X 12-core processor against Intel’s upcoming Core i9-7920X chip. What is disappointing is that, initially, AMD will only offer two Threadripper chips.

Check out the comparison below, but take note that Intel’s three unlisted processors are not due to arrive until October, so prices and speeds could change before then.

Cores Threads Base Speed Price Availability
Intel Core i9-7980XE 18 36 2.70GHz $1,999 October
AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X 16 32 3.40GHz $999 August
Intel Core i9-7960X 16 32 2.90GHz $1,699 October
Intel Core i9-7940X 14 28 3.00GHz $1,399 October
AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X 12 24 3.50GHz $799 August
Core i9-7920X 12 24 2.90GHz $1,189 August
Core i9-7900X 10 20 3.30GHz $989 Now

Another factor we would like to point out in the Intel versus AMD war this fall is that the two Ryzen Threadripper chips will support up to 64 PCI Express lanes at launch. Right now, we do not have any information regarding Intel’s i9-7980XE, i9-7960X, and i9-7940X chips arriving in October in that regard. However, the i9-7920X and i9-7900X support up to 44 PCI Express lanes, and the i9-7820X and i9-7800X chips support up to 28 lanes.

What is unknown for now is the boost clock speed of Intel’s newly added i9-7920X processor on the pricing sheet. All 10 cores of the current i9-7900X chip reach a peak speed of 4.30GHz, but there is no clear indication that the 12 cores in the i9-7920X will reach the same peak speed. We will just have to see how the two compares when the i9-7920X CPU hits the desktop PC market in August.

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