LaCie Brings the Burn with Portable DVD Writer

LaCie-burnerPeripheral and accessory maker LaCie has introduced updated versions of its Portable DVD±RW Drive, one aimed at both Mac and PC users and the other for Windows-only folks. The drives are designed to appeal to users of netbooks and notebook computers that have a USB port, but lack an internal optical drive: the units enable users to quickly burn CDs and DVDs, and even fancy them up with LightScribe labeling. The new drives also feature a minimalist design from long-time La Cie collaborator Sam Hecht.

“With the popularity of lightweight laptop computers and netbook solutions, which often exclude optical drives, users need an ultra-portable DVD±RW solution that will allow them to play, save, and share their multimedia collections,” LaCie Multimedia Product Manager Christelle Dexet, in a statement.

The new drives feature an 8× burn speed, and are USB bus-powered so users don’t have to carry around a separate power brick to burn or play back media. The drives weigh under one pound and are less than one inch tall; they also support LightScribe technology for burning professional-looking labels onto media directly using the drive’s laser. In terms of hardware, the two versions of the drives are identical, but their bundles differ: the Mac & Windows version features Toast 9 Basic and Creator Suite 10, while the Windows-only version omits Toast 9 Basic.

The drives should be available soon, with the Windows-only version carrying a suggested retail price of $89.99, and the Mac & Windows version going for $119.99.

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