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Fox Sports is bringing live rewind to virtual reality for the 2016 MLS Cup

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Going to the game and rewinding it used to be mutually exclusive, until virtual reality. LiveLike VR will debut the first rewind feature for a sporting event streamed live in VR for the Fox Sports broadcast of the Major League Soccer (MLS) Cup on Saturday.

The new feature will allow viewers to rewind live action 30 seconds at a time. The viewer will be able to rewind by tapping on the button with the curved arrow encircling the number 30 on the virtual table top display which will also have game and player stats you can view in real time. The rewind capabilities will go as far back as 30 minutes ago and can easily go back to the live stream by tapping the “Go Live” button directly above the rewind button.

Rewinding live VR is the first step. In an email to Digital Trends, LiveLike VR promises its future games will include even more features. One of those includes the ability to control replays from different angles, something missing from the majority of VR live streams that are usually produced and dictate which part of the action the viewer sees.

Watching a live game with LiveLike VR puts you into the company’s trademark virtual suite. The virtual suite is a digitally rendered area that has all the plush couch and design amenities as any stadium’s VIP lounge. For the MLS Cup, carmaker Audi will sponsor the VR stream, marking the first outside sponsorship for a Fox Sports VR stream, a possibly new revenue stream for TV networks.

Since launching earlier in 2016, LiveLike VR has really dug in to all types of football. In May, the VR company partnered with popular soccer club Manchester City F.C. and European TV broadcaster Sky Sports to offer the first Premier League game live streamed in VR for Manchester’s match against Arsenal. The company also live streamed the Big Ten Football Championship game between Penn State University and the University of Wisconsin last Saturday, months after Fox Sports released its Fox Sports VR app in partnership with LiveLike in September.

The VR stream of the MLS Cup begins at 8 p.m. (ET) on Saturday. Fans can view it by logging into the Fox Sports VR app with a cable authenticated login. It can be viewed on both iOS and Android devices by either using a Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR.

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