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Maingear’s Pulse 15 Pro makes working on-the-go easier, packs performance in small size

Maingear Pulse 15 Pro
PC system manufacturer Maingear introduced on Tuesday a new mobile workstation called the Pulse 15 Pro. It’s focused on the “demanding” creative professional that works heavily on video editing and 3D modeling, packing high-end components like Core i7 or Xeon processors from Intel, Nvidia’s professional graphics chip, and speedy SSDs provided by Samsung.

The new Pulse 15 Pro features a 15.6-inch screen housed in an all-metal alloy chassis that’s spruced up with automotive-quality paint. Customers can not only choose the color of the laptop when ordering, but add optional, customizable corporate branding. That said, customers can sport a purple laptop with a pink logo that will likely get everyone’s attention no matter where they go. Pretty.

Getting back to the screen, the options include up to a 3,840 x 2,160 resolution (4K Ultra HD). This screen is complemented by a 720P webcam and a built-in high-quality microphone mounted above, and backed by Nvidia’s Quadro M2000 GPU. All of this is supported by either an Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor (2.6GHz/3.5GHz), or an Intel Xeon E3-1505M CPU (2.8GHz/3.7GHz), depending on the customer’s budget.

In a spec sheet provided by Maingear, the company reveals that the new Pulse 15 Pro supports up to 16GB of DDR4 memory clocked at 2,133MHz (two 8GB sticks). Storage-wise, the workstation supports up to 512GB via a Samsung 950 Pro SSD, and up to 1TB of storage using a Seagate 5,200RPM hybrid drive. This seems to indicate that the Pulse 15 Pro offers two built-in storage solutions: one for the operating system and applications, and one for storing large files.

Maingear says that the laptop’s keyboard is fully customizable and “optimized for maximum performance.” The keyboard features RGB lighting, allowing owners to create any backlit hue and possibly match the overall color scheme created by the paint job and custom corporate logo. The keyboard supports anti-ghosting too although Maingear does not specify the maximum simultaneous pressed-key input limit.

As for other ingredients, the new laptop comes packed with two speakers and a subwoofer backed by Creative Labs’ Sound Blaster Cinema technology. Dual-band Wireless AC and Bluetooth are provided by Intel while the Ethernet is supplied by Killer Networking (E2200). Other ports residing with the Ethernet include four USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI 1.4 port, two mDP ports, a microphone jack, a headphone jack, an SPDIF port, and an SD card slot.

Overall, the new Maingear workstation measures just 0.75-inches thick when closed, and weighs around 4 pounds. Additional dimensions include a depth of 10.5-inches and a width of 15.4-inches. That said, this workstation is not only thin but rather light, making work on-the-go for hard workers extremely easy.

“The Pulse 15 Pro will offer even the most demanding creative professional, with incredible processing power, blazing speed and impeccable graphics performance,” said Wallace Santos, CEO and Founder of MAINGEAR. “With 4K video so easily accessible, even some of the most powerful machines can ‘hiccup’ when rendering it, however we’ve built this new workstation to effortlessly power through it.”

Currently the starting price for the new Pulse 15 Pro is unknown, and Maingear hasn’t updated its website to showcase its new laptop. However, as a reference, the current Pulse 15 gaming notebook has a starting price of $2,250 and the Pulse Pro mobile workstation has a starting price of $2,550.

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