Memorex Essential TravelDrives Pack 320 GB

For some folks, Memorex might be a name associated with hazy memories of VHS, cassette decks, or even (gasp!) reel-to-reel decks, but the company has long since transitioned to the digital age, producing optical media, flash drives, CD and DVD drives, and a plethora of accessories for many years now. Today, the company announced a new line of portable hard drives, the Essential TravelDrive series, complementing its existing flash-based Mega TravelDrive and HDD-based Ultra TravelDrive offerings.

“Memorex once again provides the convenience of a powerful, yet essential portable hard drive from a name consumers trust,” said Imation Corp’s director for North American sales and marketing Keith Schwartz, in a statement. “The new, slim, Essential TravelDrive portable hard drive helps promote important file sharing with the style and choice users want.”

The Essential TravelDrives sport 2.5-inch hard drive mechanisms with capacities from 160 to 320 GB; the drives connect via USB 2.0 ports and, even better, are bus-powered so there’s no need to lug around a separate AC adapter to access your data. (Although running a drive off bus power can quickly sap a notebook battery, so be careful!). The drives are available in a variety of consumer-friendly color (blossom, tropic green, Caribbean blue, and cool silver) with prices starting at $89.99; they should be available now.