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MetaVRse wants to make creating augmented reality apps easier than ever before

From games to education, training to commerce, augmented reality (AR) is everywhere. And now, a 3D creation platform that makes it easy to create AR experiences is debuting its services with a host of new partners.

MetaVRse is a platform for creating immersive experiences that combine virtual, augmented, and mixed reality elements in a format known as extended reality (XR). It allows people to create educational or training experiences which can run in any browser or in an app and are more engaging than sitting at a desk with a pile of textbooks.

The problem with designing 3D experiences is that it usually requires a ton of coding knowledge from the field of games development to create even a basic environment. So MetaVRse’s idea is to make it easy to create, manipulate, and edit elements to fill out a virtual world. The company describes its platform as a “3D web game engine and spatial design creator tool” that lets anyone create environments with minimal code knowledge required.

“The first ‘killer use case’ of 3D is the ability for everyone to participate in the creation process, hence our no-code/low-code approach,” explains Alan Smithson, CEO of MetaVRse. “MetaVRse is a cloud-based 3D game engine that works on every device, browser, and operating system without different versions, apps, app store approvals, app store commissions, and without the need for code. This is truly a 10x improvement over the status quo.”

Following its launch in June this year, MetaVRse has now announced a set of partnerships with programs from Qualcomm, Oculus, Autodesk, Nvidia, Creative Destruction Lab, and Founders Factory to make its platform available for use in creating training materials, marketing experiences, and virtual showrooms.

That means you can expect to see MetaVRse-powered applications in more enterprise sectors soon. And the company hopes that the low technical requirements to use the platform will encourage more creators to try out AR. “By making the creation process no-code, we have opened the door to creators around the world to learn how to build in 3D without the need to code – all in the browser,” said Julie Smithson, co-founder and chief learning officer.

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