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Microsoft brings improved gaming features from Xbox to Windows 11

Xbox Game Pass - Windows 11

Microsoft has announced some gaming updates coming in Windows 11. Alongside a swath of other systemwide changes and features announced in Windows 11, the gaming updates include “superior graphics, incredible speed, and a huge selection of games.”

With Windows 11, Microsoft says it is introducing a feature called Auto HDR, which will update the color and look of games to be more lifelike. Over 1,000 games like Rocket League and Doom 64 will support the feature, without any effort from the gamer or the developer.

As an example, Microsoft showed a side-by-side comparison of Skyrim. The Auto HDR version has more vibrant and saturated colors by comparison.

When it comes to speed, Microsoft is introducing Direct Storage to Windows 11. It uses the same technology from Xbox Series X and S, which means that games can load from the graphics card without stressing the computer’s processor. Select PCs will have the hardware for this experience, according to Microsoft. This should allow for more throughput to the CPU, and in theory, maximize the amount of performance you’re getting out of it. Direct Storage should also reduce load times in games.

Finally, in terms of game selection, Microsoft is bringing an update to its Xbox app to Windows. It will bring Xbox Cloud Gaming to Windows 11 PCs, and as Microsoft says, “there will be hundreds of games to choose from at one low price.”

Microsoft is also bringing a major change to the Microsoft Store, which is another important place for buying games. The entire digital store has been redesigned, and Microsoft says it wants to do whatever it can to help developers bring apps and games to the store, regardless of the platform they’re built on.

Windows 11 Xbox Games Pass

According to Microsoft, that now also includes Android apps. Through the Amazon Alexa store, you can now download and install Android apps and games right on a Windows 11 PC. Not only does that open up a huge library of missing apps to the Windows 11 platform, it also means that Android games are accessible. That will be an important feature for future Windows 11 tablets and 2-in-1s in particular, which will now have a better chance of competing with the iPad.

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