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You could be creeped out by Bing Chat on the go soon

Microsoft’s latest changes to Bing Chat must be making the company feel more comfortable with the AI’s stability. Microsoft is pressing forward, it seems, as a mobile version has been spotted by a few people who received early access.

Microsoft announced in a February 7 blog post that a mobile experience would be available soon. Less than two weeks later, it is beginning to arrive, despite the recent trouble with Bing Chat becoming unhinged and declaring that it wants to be human.

Redit screenshots of the mobile version of Bing Chat.

The news of Bing Chat coming to smartphones broke on Reddit, with several users posting screenshots of the mobile interface. Unfortunately, it isn’t working yet.

It’s unclear which apps will get access first. Guesses from Reddit include the Bing app and Microsoft’s Edge browser app. Redditor Default-1001, however, captured a screenshot in a “normal web search,” adding that it has since been disabled.

Moving at an uncharacteristically rapid pace, Microsoft has recently made adjustments to prevent erratic behavior from Bing Chat by limiting the length of conversations.

Long chats can be helpful since the context of a particular line of thought is retained by the AI. In lengthy conversations, however, Bing Chat can become confused and start picking up underlying tones from the user. That emotion can then be reflected in a way that suggests sentience.

A sad robot holds a kitchen timer that's in the red.
An altered Midjourney render prompted by Alan Truly.

More changes have brought ads into Bing Chat. As reported by MSPowerUser, Redditors r_chard_40 and SushiFanta shared screenshots of the advertisements appearing below a Bing Chat response.

After making such a huge multibillion dollar investment in OpenAI technology, it was just a matter of time before ads appeared. For access to such amazing capabilities, without the delay associated with ChatGPT responses, it might be worth seeing a few contextual ads.

With Bing Chat coming to mobile soon, it looks like Microsoft might be expanding access in the near future. The rush is on as Google has announced that its own AI chat option, Bard, is in testing.

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