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Microsoft learns to listen, enables G-Sync and FreeSync for Windows Store games

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Microsoft is fixing some major gaming shortcomings of its Windows Store platform. An update today lets gamers turn off v-sync, and use Nvidia’s G-sync or AMD’s FreeSync, in games purchased from the Windows Store, according to Ars Technica.

Gamers, it needs to be said, are not impressed with Windows Store so far. More than most PC users, gamers like to tweak their settings to get as much power as possible out of their hardware. Until today’s update, games distributed via the Windows Store have not given access to some key preferences, upsetting gamers who want to get the most out of their systems.

If you bought the latest Tomb Raider title on the Windows Store, for example, V-sync is enabled and cannot be turned off. This means that framerates are locked to 60 frames per second or, if your hardware can’t manage that, some lower division of that, such as 30 FPS. And it gets worse, because Nvidia’s G-sync and AMD’s FreeSync technology, which allow monitors to adjust the refresh rate to prevent tearing, are not supported.

The result? Gamers who invested in high-end hardware can’t get the most out of it.

This is frustrating, but hopefully today’s update will make the Windows Store versions of games possible to configure for gamers. What remains to be seen is if gamers will embrace the platform.

Microsoft has been working hard to promote gaming titles on the Windows Store, at one point turning the Windows 10 lock screen into a fullscreen advertisement for Tomb Raider’s release on the platform.

Currently, online distribution of games is dominated by Valve’s Steam. Microsoft would love to change that, and start getting a cut of games sold on the Windows platform, but Steam is over a decade old and has a rabidly loyal fanbase. Technical shortcomings aren’t helping, so Microsoft addressing gamer’s concerns could prove vital. We’ll see how gamers react.

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