Microsoft has confirmed a bug in build 10130 on the Surface 3

Participants of the Windows Insider program received Build 10130 of Windows 10 approximately two weeks ago. However, some people quickly noticed that they were unable to install the build on their Surface 3, according to Now, Microsoft has confirmed that there is a bug associated with Intel’s Cherry Trail processor. As a result, the Cherry Trail-embedded Surface 3 is unable to function with Build 10130.

“10130 is a no-go for Surface 3,” wrote Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul, in a response to a tweet on Twitter. “We have a bug that is unique to CherryTrail systems in that build. Relief is coming soon though.”

The problem with Build 10130 and the Surface 3 starts out as soon as you try to install the build onto the device. Once it’s on the Surface 3, the system would attempt to reboot. During this process, it would freeze, hence, the bug.

Microsoft knew that Build 10130 would be buggy, according to a blog post that went up on June 5. Aul, who wrote the post, specified that 10130 would not be released to the Slow ring due to the amount of bugs in the build.

“I know we said we would only release ISOs if we push a build to the Slow ring but we’re making a special exception today,” Aul wrote. “We know that a bunch of Windows Insiders on the Fast ring are currently blocked getting to the latest build due a 0x80246017 error.”

Some of the new changes spotted in Build 10130 include tweaks to Start Menu, as well as a “New!” indicator that pops up when you download a new app, according to Icons were also updated in Build 10130, in addition to other UI features.

Windows 10 is slated to debut on July 29 to PC and tablet users. It will be a free upgrade for existing Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 users.