Microsoft has issued the last batch of Windows 10 Insider builds for the year

Hoping for further fixes or revisions to Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile Insider builds before the new year? You’re in luck, as the company has just released its final batch to both Slow and Fast ring users — but that’s it for 2015, Microsoft says.

The latest update brings Windows 10 to version 11082.1000 and Windows 10 Mobile to 10586.36. Likewise, standard Windows 10 owners can grab version 10586.36 on their way out of 2015.

Because many of the engineers and executives are absent from the Redmond campus during the holidays, delivering on the promise of new Insider builds throughout the remaining days of December would be a hard pill for many employees to swallow. Therefore, the company thought it best to put out a solid update now before taking the rest of the month off.

“I also want to set expectations for new builds for both PC and mobile between now and the end of 2015,” writes corporate vice president Gabe Aul. “This time of year many of us take the opportunity to spend time with family and take some vacation time, so the engineering team will be running at a slower pace and many of our key people who drive our … process will be out (including me simple-smile Microsoft finishes up Windows Insider program for the year ).”

This, he says, means you can expect the next edition of Windows 10 Insider Preview — on both PC and mobile — to come in January.

Aul continues by mentioning that from here on out, these types of announcements will be made in the Insider Hub and on Twitter rather than on the regular Windows Experience blog. Or, of course, you can always read them here on Digital Trends.

2016 is going to be a significant year for Microsoft. In addition to more Insider Preview updates, we’ll be getting two major Redstone updates, extension support for Microsoft’s Edge browser, and a wider distribution of Windows 10 Mobile.

Have you tried the latest Insider builds? Let us know what you think of them in the comments section below.

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