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Microsoft’s $70 Modern Webcam is designed for the work-from-home crowd

Microsoft has announced the Modern Webcam, a 1080p camera focused on work from home videoconferencing.

Unlike a lot of external webcams, Microsoft’s Modern Webcam is a tiny little accessory that would fit especially well on a laptop. The popular Logitech C920S looks downright chunky in comparison. It’s not Surface-branded, but it certainly looks sleek.

The Modern Webcam has several built-in features to optimize video, led by HDR and True Look, an image optimization suite that focuses on facial retouching, fixed lighting adjustment, and autofocus for a more true-to-life picture. Auto white balance and auto anti-flicker round out its video optimization feature set.

The device’s plug-and-play design incorporates a generous 78-degree field of view, which is wide enough to capture two people sitting in front of the webcam mounted to a computer or laptop monitor. Other features include a multi-setup mounting system for easy clipping to a monitor, laptop, desk, or tripod, along with an integrated privacy shutter over the camera lens that slides open and closed to maintain privacy when not in use. An LED status light also lets users know when the camera is on or off at all times.

It is also certified for Microsoft Teams, which promises deeper integration with the conferencing service using a dedicated Teams button for quick, one-touch joining.

Microsoft’s latest entrant into the webcam category fits squarely into the value segment. Its 1080p resolution is an alternative to more expensive 4K webcams, which are generally bulkier and carry heavier sensors. 4K webcams are generally reserved for content creators, such as Razer’s new Kiyo Pro. The Modern Webcam’s target market, in contrast, is the average person looking for a simple videoconferencing solution for a work-from-home setup.

The Modern Webcam will be available starting June 2021 at participating retailers at a price of $70. For more information on the Modern Webcam with updates on retail availability, visit

The Modern Webcam is part of a larger Microsoft release, including more work-from-home audio products and the new Surface Laptop 4. Microsoft already offers a number of home office products in its Modern series, such as the Microsoft Modern Keyboard and Modern Mobile Mouse.

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